Local Nomad: Natash

Welcome to the Local Nomad Project. At LEZ BACKPACK we believe that our wanderlustin' curiosity is not dependent on our location. We aim to explore our local communities the same way we would a foreign one. We've enlisted the help of fellow travel bloggers to...

5 Brands for Feminine Lesbians

Feminine lesbians of the world, I - like you - struggle with outing myself. Yes, yes... it can be amazing when I don't want anyone to know I'm gay... but what about when I'm on the prowl!?  What about when I want other queer women to recognize me for the gay lady...

How to Recover from Lesbian Breakups

After my relationship ended, I went on a quest to find advice on lesbian breakups. There are so many great resources out there about healing your heart - but I wanted something with a lesbian twist. So here are my tips for moving on when you've got to let someone go. ...


I'm Mel. LEZ BACKPACK is a travel and lifestyle blog hoping to encourage other female identified individuals to see the world, or their own backyards, with a sense of wellness.


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