5 Fitness Travel Mistakes People Make When Abroad

5 Fitness Travel Mistakes People Make When Abroad

When you’re abroad, you tend to be away from your normal routine – including regular exercise. It’s easy to make fitness travel mistakes and fall behind in terms of progress. Travel is supposed to be about finding yourself and relaxing! But it can be hard to not stress about your fitness when you’re on the road. To keep that happening, here are 5 common travel fitness mistakes that I often make:

1. Neglect any normal exercise routine

I’m definitely guilty of this. Where possible, you should try and stick to your normal routine. Whether you prefer yoga or high intensity interval training, find a way of making it possible to exercise abroad. YouTube is great for this, with loads of videos you can follow wherever you are. Yoga With Adriene is a popular choice with new videos every Wednesday, for example. I also like the Daily Workout App which allows me to choose between 5-30 minutes of targeted or total body workouts. No shame I’d do these while my travel buddy was in the shower. 

2. Don’t make the most of their surroundings

When you’re abroad, it can be tempting to think you’ve only got limited space to exercise. But put your running shoes on and explore the local area while exercising. Alternatively, get your swimming gear out and head to the pool or sea. It’s a great way of staying fit, but also seeing the sights. Cycling is one of my all time favorites for this. We explored Hanoi by bike and it was one of my favorite experiences of the trip. Taking a walking tour of the city is also fun! I use my phone and google search to see if there are paths already mapped out. Often they’ll have information included about the places you’re seeing I on your stroll. It may be kinda cheesy but I love it. If you’re down for it, check out this app, which helps you GPS your way around so you don’t get lost. 

3. Eat too much

The calories you consume abroad can quickly add up, as Travel Insurance cites how calorific popular meals can be:

  • Hamburger and fries in the USA: 629 calories
  • Pain au chocolat in France: 300 calories
  • Pizza in Italy: 1,000 calories
  • Churros in Spain: 234 calories
  • Fish and Chips in the UK: 838 calories

I’m not going to lie this is my downfall. I LOVE trying new food. But like everything, there has to be balance. Don’t beat yourself up if you over indulge. Just try to go for an extra swim, bicycle ride or walk afterward. 

4. Drink too much

It’s not just food that will cause you to pile on the pounds – drinking too much alcohol is a big mistake for keeping up travel fitness. What’s more, you’ll be a lot less inclined to do some exercise if you’re hungover. And when I’m hungover, I like to eat twice as much. But savoring local beer and drinks is one of my favorite things to do while traveling. Acknowledge that there are going to be some late nights and groggy mornings. As long as your every comes with a healthy intention, you can afford a night out once in a while.

5. Trying to take on an adventure you’re not ready for 

If you’re abroad to take on an adventure, you better be fit enough. As Sacred Rides says, whether it’s hiking a volcano, climbing up a mountain, descending steep single track, or sea kayaking a remote stretch of coastline, your skills and fitness will be tested. While you should push yourself, it’s not fun if you’re always struggling. Stay within your abilities and use it as a fitness goal. 

How do you stay fit abroad? Share your suggestions with us.

Where have you felt the most comfortable as a gay traveler?

Where have you felt the most comfortable as a gay traveler?

This is the thirteenth installment of the blog series called “Insta Poll.” Included are follower’s ideas and comments in response to a weekly question! If you’d like to be involved, follow LEZ BACKPACK on Instagram!

We love traveling. That is a given fact. But as gay travelers, we want to know where we can express ourselves freely. We asked our followers where they felt most comfortable on their gay travel adventures. Here’s what they had to say: 


A post shared by Teresa Clay (@tclay35) on

“Most definitely Lauderdale aka Lotdale!!!!! You must have stayed around Wilton Manors huh?! I lived in the Manors for years before traveling with my job…. Believe it or not, Albuquerque, NM has a huge gay community!!!”


“Portland, Oregon. When I originally moved there after high school from a really small conservative town. I finally felt completely comfortable being myself. People here seem to be unique in their own way and appreciate the diversity in other people. Its just an eclectic and accepting place. I mean the motto is “keep Portland weird!””


A post shared by A S J I A (@shiftingsun) on

“Manhattan. Now there’s a city where one can be out and proud! NYC was very accepting of my lifestyle, sexuality, and fashion. Can’t wait to go back!”


A post shared by Kellie Gaughan (@kbgone) on

“San Francisco! Not that my current city has stigmata against gays, but SF has always been the place to be out and proud.”


“Portland gets my vote. Never seen so many queer folks in every walk of life.”


A post shared by Nicole (@fernwehtravels) on

“Melbourne, Australia.”


“I haven’t travel at all since I came out as a lesbian except inside Sweden, but I am comfortable in my day to day life. Maybe because I am openly gay. I hold hands, give a kiss on the mouth and so on. Yes you may get looks in the country side, far in the woods. But that could be also for that fact that you are a stranger. Period. Not because you’re gay.”


A post shared by Mela (@melapetal) on

“Toronto, ON in Canada. I visited my province back in Canada earlier this year, and it was my first time after I came out as gay. I forgot how friendly, we Canadians are, aha. But my favourite part about waking around in Toronto is seeing so many lesbian and gay couples. Not to mention the diversity that we have back in Canada. It’s the most beautiful thing. So Toronto, ON. Even RuPaul’s Drag Con this year was pretty amazing. I never wanted it to end because of what an amazing environment that place gives for gay people.”


A post shared by Heather K (@renegadepilgrim) on

“Domestic: San Francisco. Portland’s LGBT community is too small and not very diverse. SF has more diversity and I always feel welcome. I can’t say the same for Portland, and I’ve lived there my whole life International: Sweden. Very welcoming and open.”


A post shared by Jeniffer Dion (@jennyd7104) on

“Disney World. I got engaged there to my future wife, and we got the “just engaged” pin. Every employee we passed said congratulations, gave us high fives, and made us feel awesome. Lots of LGBT families running around as well.”


A post shared by Chelsea (@scooterchels) on

“Surprisingly enough, Dublin, Ireland, even before the marriage equality vote. No one has ever looked twice at us on the street when we’ve gone to visit my family. The old traditionalist Irish-Catholic values are evolving with the modern world and it’s a beautiful thing to experience.”


A post shared by Jessie McGee (@curious_jessie) on

“When travelling through Australia I was in Sydney during Mardi Gras so felt completely open and comfy then. Overall I’d say Australia, but it could of been because I was there so long it started to feel like home. Currently in New Zealand and I’d like to hope here will top Australia for comfort.”


“Man this is hard to really answer. I left Dallas bc I didn’t quite feel like I could be myself but I was looking for who I was exactly at that time also. LA has been more than accommodating for me. SF and Portland is cool too. Basically anywhere with some great diversity would be cool for gays.”

I can’t wait to be a gay traveler in all of these places! Where would you like to travel next? 

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Why we got gay married before our wedding

Why we got gay married before our wedding

On February 11th, 2017, my partner Constance and I decided to tie the knot. We have been engaged since last July and are in the midst of planning our wedding, so why did we get gay married early?

To friends and family who may be confused or concerned – yes we eloped and, yes, we’re still excited to celebrate with all of you at our giant family wedding in July.

Getting married early felt like something we needed to do. The current administration terrified us in the first few weeks. With executive orders being signed left and right, we wondered if our right to marriage would be next. All along we’ve heard liberal friends and family say that maybe nothing will happen. I’m here to say that is incredibly naive.

The platform which enabled our President to win was based on discrimination. With the election, those with internalized bigotry feel empowered to act out. In Texas, we’ve already passed a version of North Carolina’s bathroom bill, which forces Trans people to use the restroom of the gender on their birth certificate.

Constance and I are lucky that we are 1. gainfully employed, 2. have family and friends who love and support us, 3. are United States citizens.

This felt like a way to protect our relationship in the eyes of our government. I wouldn’t be surprised if other gay couples were doing this, too.

Are you apart of a gay couple who decided to get married in the face of our current president elect? Let me know in the comments below.

Traveling Together is the Absolute Worst

Traveling Together is the Absolute Worst

So I spent almost 5 months traveling with my significant other last year… and I’ve gotta say… it was so terrible. DO NOT do it, I repeat just don’t travel together with your partner! Just look at these pictures!

Let’s just start this off nice and easy. Your partner will document you on your road trips with a self stick… so dumb.

Next, when you take a bicycle cruise through Hoi An they’ll stop you in front of beautiful scenery to snap a picture. Lame.

They will capture you looking absolutely horrendous on a boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Or at a restaurant in Hue giggling over something – probably SO stupid – that they said. 

And before you know it, they’ll want to take a selfie with you in front of the Kuangxi Waterfalls in Laos… which was SO embarrassing. 

And you’ll get smooches in all these famous places around the world… blah, blah, blah.


You basically share food everywhere you go… which if you ask me is, like, SO annoying.


Because you’re spending all your time together everything they do becomes disgusting.

SO disgusting… I mean look at this face, this is not a handsome haircut in Thailand AT ALL.

They will document you documenting which is so repetitive and what a waste of a picture.

Like, WHY??? EW, zero fun being had.

And then they’ll FORCE YOU to take a picture of the worst bus ride of your life just to blackmail you later.

DITTO to terrible, COMPLETELY uncomfortable and NOT AT ALL romantic hotels.

And why do they always snap pics when you’re looking totally disheveled and not at all dreamy?

See what I mean????



And no matter how hard you try, you both just end up looking ridiculous.

Therefore, based on physical evidence as expressed by these photos, spare yourself a world of hurt and NEVER travel together with your significant other. You have been warned.

Lesbian Relationship Advice

Lesbian Relationship Advice

This is the twelfth installment of the blog series called “Insta Poll.” Included are follower’s ideas and comments in response to a weekly question! If you’d like to be involved, follow LEZ BACKPACK on Instagram!

How do lesbians keep their relationships going strong? After a year of ups and down with my partner, I waned to know how make sure we’re always going strong. Here’s the best lesbian relationship advice our followers had to suggest:



Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.57.05 PM
“Be patient, hear her, make her smile and tell her she is your everything.”


“Be on each other’s team”


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.59.53 PM

“Especially in a long term relationship, have “checking in” type conversations every now and then about stuff within your relationship, not just when something is wrong. That way, issues don’t simmer and people don’t get resentful or feel like an issue is a sudden attack. Communication is key, y’all.”


A photo posted by Mrs. Abroscat (@mrs_abroscat) on

“Be honest with yourself so you can be honest with your partner. A lot of strain in relationships is caused by mixed feelings and the resentment that builds from not meeting each other’s needs. Being honest about what you want and need from a partner and in a relationship will take you a long way.”


A photo posted by Asjia Arvie (@shiftingsun) on

“Learn how to communicate with your partner. Love them the way they receive love, and don’t get comfortable in the relationship. Always show each other patience, respect, and kindness.”


“”grass is greener where you water it”. Too often I’ve seen couples long for everything other than what’s in front of them. Every relationship is effort. The moment you stop trying its done. So continue to “date” and romance. if you fight, give each other your all to push through.”


“trust, friendship and talking, talking a lot about feelings and everything. Don’t keep it inside until you explode and fight”


A photo posted by Teresa Clay (@tclay35) on

“We overlook the simple answer to being in a relationship… L❤VE!!!!… Simple and pure… You must be IN love.. Be IN love with… When you’re in love it’s just natural, it’s effortless, it’s breathtaking, it’s forgiving, it’s always IN the moment… Being IN love makes memories.. Simply being IN love…”


A photo posted by Leslie (@lesliehab) on

“I know Brené Brown is super trendy but I also think she’s right: be vulnerable! (Be open, honest, and willing to be uncomfortable.) That said… It’s easier said than done.”

Just loving this amazing advice from the people who know lesbian relationships the best. Have anything to add? Mention your lesbian relationship advice in the comments below!

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