2017 Queer Packing List

2017 Queer Packing List

We got married.

Now, we honeymoon in Ireland.

Here is the 2017 packing list for all you gender non-binary, queers and the LGBTQ clothing lines that helped me stay stylish while traveling!

First, I graduated to rolling luggage, y’all. Our backpacking days aren’t over, but it’s time for the travel glow up. Gay-friendly, TJ Maxx is THE best place to get luggage and other travel necessities. It’s there, I purchased by Samsonite and my leather Calvin Klein toiletry bag. Not a budget bag, but well worth it is the Professional Slim Laptop Backpack from eBags. I will be using this for my carryon. It’s compact, lots of compartments, keeps my computer secure, and slides onto my luggage handle.

13 Days in Ireland –

  1. Jacket – BauBax windbreaker.
  2. 3 T-shirts – Tom Boi white t-shirt, Revel & Riot “Smash the Binary,” Revel & Riot “Queers for Fears”
  3. 1 Collared Short Sleeve – Peau De Loup
  4. 1 Flannel – Peau De Loup
  5. Boots – Clarks
  6. Walking shoes – Vans
  7. Crew Neck Sweat Shirt – Gaylien
  8. Wool Cap – Wild Fang
  9. Cap, Socks, Undies – Tom Boi
  10. Binder – My Double Design 
  11. Watch – MVMT
  12. Carry On Bag – eBags





5 Brands for Feminine Lesbians

5 Brands for Feminine Lesbians

Feminine lesbians of the world, I – like you – struggle with outing myself. Yes, yes… it can be amazing when I don’t want anyone to know I’m gay… but what about when I’m on the prowl!? 

What about when I want other queer women to recognize me for the gay lady lover that I really am? What’s a girl to do? 

Luckily because queer female fashion has been on the rise in recent years (at the exclusion of femmes, but that’s a different story), there are a plethora of brands we can choose to help us represent. Don this gay apparel and let your homo flag fly.

The BEST part? Because these clothing lines are only super well known in the community… people you don’t want knowing about your sexuality will not even have a clue!

1. Autostraddle Store

feminine lesbians

The holy grail of lesbian culture and entertainment online, Autostraddle is pretty much synonymous for queer lady. Their “Gal Pal” swag is so freaking cute and come in CROP TOP size… okay, plus t-shirts and sweatshirts. But imagine you’re at the gay lady bar and you’re wearing your ironicly vintage GP shirt… the eyes of knowing will be upon you. Or at least the eyes of those knowing and reading Autostraddle will be upon you… which, if you think about it gives you an intro into conversation too! A win-win!

Click the images below to see more amazingly unsuspecting and totally-obvious-to-the-right-person clothing from Autostraddle.

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2. TomboyX


Now, TomboyX is not known for their femme clothes. In fact, their claim to fame are their cute boy briefs that are devoid of the poochy pouch on the front. I love women in men’s underwear… so having them fit appropriately is certainly something I’m interested in.

When TomboyX approached me to try out a pair of their undies for free in exchange for sharing a bit of love for them with my following… I was like wait a minute… me wearing these panties is not gonna produce a very honest post… cause girls, I do not wear boy shorts!

HOWEVER, I kindly asked the TomboyX  Digital Media Relations manager, cutie Mellina White Cusack, for a sporty softball jersey instead! She obliged and even threw in some underwear despite it all! I was able to femme up the shirt and use the brand that is “BY TOMBOYS, FOR TOMBOYS™” to out me to tomboys… omg heaven.    

TomboyX, Feminine lesbians

3. Wildfang 


First off, the about section on the Wildfang website is more of a manifesto than a brand description. At the top, there’s a very nostalgic video featuring L Word heartthrob Kate Moennig.

But what’s most amazing about this site is the clothes, the shoes, the accessories! The style is high fashion urban and I’m all about it.

What I also like about Wildfang is that some pieces can be very feminine! Not just specifically for tomboys here… and I appreciate that. But for our purposes, the branding is important… so here are a few pieces to wear when you wanna get some studs looking. 

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4. FLAVNT Streetwear


This brand has a special place in my heart since it’s based out of Austin, TX. You might have seen them recently featured on Refinery29 for their Skin Top – a flesh colored binder for gender non-conforming folks so they can be more comfortable swimming in the summer! I love the work that they do – and for that I am a huge supporter of the brand! 

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5. Refuse to Conform Clothing 

Instagram cuite Charlie Moss created a genderless label last year called Refuse to Conform Clothing. One thing I love about RTC is how much Charlie hypes it! Pretty much every order comes with a freebie and there is always a giveaway going on the Instagram. 

While the motto “refuse to conform” upholds tomboy aesthetics – they refuse to play into gender stereotypes – I think it’s an important message for gender conforming folks, too. Sometimes I wish looked a little more… well, gay. I think how we choose to present ourselves is so important. So I like the idea of being able to wear a t-shirt that let’s everyone know… that while I may appear to look like I conform… I actually don’t. 

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Alright, my femme ladies… go forth and purchase and wear the clothes that will let your prospective lover of choice know that you are indeed a gay. Have I missed any of your favorite brands? Please let me know in the comments below! 




15 Piece Butch Summer Travel Wardrobe

15 Piece Butch Summer Travel Wardrobe

Our blogger friend, Meg of Dopes On The Road recently posted an article about femme travel wear. This totally inspired us to create a butch summer travel wardrobe. Don’t mistake this for our packing list. NO! These are just must-haves for short trips to your favorite summer destinations. Want more butch fashion inspiration? Follow our Pinterest board

The Hair Cut

Any butch knows the importance of a fresh cut before a trip. A butch feels best when the hairs are on point. I’m sure femmes can relate. Good hair helps you feel like you can conquer the world or at least meet some new people and look great in all your travel photos.



Let’s continue to work from the top down, shall we? If you ever need a break from doing your hair, try one of these hats. I’m a huge fan of the flexible body but stuff brim. It’s easy to pack and still looks great when you take it out of the bag.



It’s the summer so you’re gonna want some sunnies. I love the round lenses. While they hold a feminine shape, they are super chic and stylish. Just ask Robert Pattinson.



The crew neck t-shirt has a high neck line which helps to hide sports bra straps, ammirite? The higher the neck the better the t-shirt. I went years buying t-shirts without trying them on first, thinking they would all fit the same. Not true! Try on everything. FACT: Butches are very particular about the way their clothes fit.


The short sleeve button up acts as a casual shirt for sightseeing in the day AND a shirt you can wear in the evening when having cocktails. Make sure you try these on before buying. It’s a shame when I see a butch wear a button up a size too small. For all my big-boobied butches, the breast buttons are sensitive and tend to open easily if the shirt does not fit properly. Also note the folded sleeves. This looks carries over to t-shirts and looks AMAZING.

button up

Even though it’s summer, I always bring a long sleeved denim shirt for the breezy evenings. I like to wear it with the top couple buttons loooow. Not cleavage low, but definitely chest low. The collar and collar buttons bring just enough masculine energy to the outfit, the low button look WORKS. There’s also nothing more powerful than feminine energy coming off a masculine butch.

demin shirt

Swim Wear

The butch summer travel struggle is definitely searching for the right swim suit. I like to suit up with men’s trunks and a sporty women’s top. I’ve found tops in large sporting goods stores and although there isn’t a lot to choose from, they come in neutral colors and fit perfectly.


Throw the bottoms away and get some cutie mens’ trunks. You can match these trunks through out your trip with any of the shirts you’ve brought and still look dope.



The khaki pant is perfect because you can wear it any time of the day for any event. They can be dressed up or down and they match ANYTHING.


Of course you’ll need your loose fitted jeans.


NOTE: The “roll” is in. Show off your shoes, save space in your bag, ditch your socks and roll those pants up!

I’m a super light packer, so I’d probably just go with the khaki pants and leave the jeans home. With that said, if the jeans stay home, the jean cutoffs get added to the bag! They are super cute, super casual, and just enough butch for comfort.



Finally, I had to think of shoes that could be worn with all of these garments. It was really a no-brainer. VANS. These shoes can be worn with or without socks, look great with pants or shorts, and even better with rolled pant legs.



A couple travel accessories for the traveling butch should include a sling bag (or a fanny pack, if you choose to wear it on your fanny!) Did you know holding your wallet in your back pocket is bad for your back? Now you know! Get yourself a nice butch sling bag to hold all your goods. You can even hold things for your girlfriend for once.

fanny pack

A great looking watch is an wasy way to tie your outfits together. I wear a basic Casio. It’s affordable and durable, which is totally butch.



LASTLY, the bag you need to carry all of your necessities is the Fjallraven Kanken. These bags come in tons of different colors and varies in sizes. Just choose which works best for you!


Let us know if we missed anything and let’s add it to the list!

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