Feminine lesbians of the world, I – like you – struggle with outing myself. Yes, yes… it can be amazing when I don’t want anyone to know I’m gay… but what about when I’m on the prowl!? 

What about when I want other queer women to recognize me for the gay lady lover that I really am? What’s a girl to do? 

Luckily because queer female fashion has been on the rise in recent years (at the exclusion of femmes, but that’s a different story), there are a plethora of brands we can choose to help us represent. Don this gay apparel and let your homo flag fly.

The BEST part? Because these clothing lines are only super well known in the community… people you don’t want knowing about your sexuality will not even have a clue!

1. Autostraddle Store

feminine lesbians

The holy grail of lesbian culture and entertainment online, Autostraddle is pretty much synonymous for queer lady. Their “Gal Pal” swag is so freaking cute and come in CROP TOP size… okay, plus t-shirts and sweatshirts. But imagine you’re at the gay lady bar and you’re wearing your ironicly vintage GP shirt… the eyes of knowing will be upon you. Or at least the eyes of those knowing and reading Autostraddle will be upon you… which, if you think about it gives you an intro into conversation too! A win-win!

Click the images below to see more amazingly unsuspecting and totally-obvious-to-the-right-person clothing from Autostraddle.

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2. TomboyX


Now, TomboyX is not known for their femme clothes. In fact, their claim to fame are their cute boy briefs that are devoid of the poochy pouch on the front. I love women in men’s underwear… so having them fit appropriately is certainly something I’m interested in.

When TomboyX approached me to try out a pair of their undies for free in exchange for sharing a bit of love for them with my following… I was like wait a minute… me wearing these panties is not gonna produce a very honest post… cause girls, I do not wear boy shorts!

HOWEVER, I kindly asked the TomboyX  Digital Media Relations manager, cutie Mellina White Cusack, for a sporty softball jersey instead! She obliged and even threw in some underwear despite it all! I was able to femme up the shirt and use the brand that is “BY TOMBOYS, FOR TOMBOYS™” to out me to tomboys… omg heaven.    

TomboyX, Feminine lesbians

3. Wildfang 


First off, the about section on the Wildfang website is more of a manifesto than a brand description. At the top, there’s a very nostalgic video featuring L Word heartthrob Kate Moennig.

But what’s most amazing about this site is the clothes, the shoes, the accessories! The style is high fashion urban and I’m all about it.

What I also like about Wildfang is that some pieces can be very feminine! Not just specifically for tomboys here… and I appreciate that. But for our purposes, the branding is important… so here are a few pieces to wear when you wanna get some studs looking. 

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4. FLAVNT Streetwear


This brand has a special place in my heart since it’s based out of Austin, TX. You might have seen them recently featured on Refinery29 for their Skin Top – a flesh colored binder for gender non-conforming folks so they can be more comfortable swimming in the summer! I love the work that they do – and for that I am a huge supporter of the brand! 

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5. Refuse to Conform Clothing 

Instagram cuite Charlie Moss created a genderless label last year called Refuse to Conform Clothing. One thing I love about RTC is how much Charlie hypes it! Pretty much every order comes with a freebie and there is always a giveaway going on the Instagram. 

While the motto “refuse to conform” upholds tomboy aesthetics – they refuse to play into gender stereotypes – I think it’s an important message for gender conforming folks, too. Sometimes I wish looked a little more… well, gay. I think how we choose to present ourselves is so important. So I like the idea of being able to wear a t-shirt that let’s everyone know… that while I may appear to look like I conform… I actually don’t. 

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Alright, my femme ladies… go forth and purchase and wear the clothes that will let your prospective lover of choice know that you are indeed a gay. Have I missed any of your favorite brands? Please let me know in the comments below! 




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