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As a new single lesbian, I’ve tried my hand at online dating. I really wondered what the experience was like for my followers? Have they had any luck with lesbian online dating? Here’s what they had to say:


“My current relationship started with her messaging me “hey cutie what’s up 😉 ” on OkCupid, haha. Two years later…. 🙂 complicated pickup lines online are way overrated.”  



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“Best: we ended up at a nude swimming hole in Vermont. We were surrounded by old men and their dongs. Super fitting for a lesbian first date. Worst: the girl talked to other people the whole time and then expected me to go home with her. I was like, nah.  


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“When we did a first date over coffee and she quite literally ran away in the middle of me saying “we should do this again sometime.””



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“WORST: I was chatting with a pro snowboarder from California for quite some time. She decided to come visit me in Canada and stayed with me for over a week. Things were great and we were having a lot of fun together. Things then took a turn when I found out she was dating a well known pro skateboarder who wasn’t too happy to hear about what was going on and instead of taking it out on her girl, decided to send me threats of violence which continued for years haha. BEST: I started talking to a girl through a guy friends FB status about Lana Del Rey. We added each other as friends and started sending novel messages to each other daily. This continued until we decided to go on a date which went incredible. I moved to the city to be closer to her and 4 years later we’re not dating anymore but I gained a best friend who knows me better than any other. Thanks Lana!!”


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“I once went on a date with a girl who was so intimidated by my degree in methods that she kept saying “statistically” throughout the meal. Like “well statistically speaking people really like wine” ugh. Nope.

Butttttt I did meet my person online. My lovely Lindsay Cale”

I felt like I wasn’t the online one who has struggled with online dating! An maybe there’s hope for me out there! What are you lesbian online dating stories? Tell me in the comments below! 

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