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How do lesbians keep their relationships going strong? After a year of ups and down with my partner, I waned to know how make sure we’re always going strong. Here’s the best lesbian relationship advice our followers had to suggest:



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“Be patient, hear her, make her smile and tell her she is your everything.”


“Be on each other’s team”


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“Especially in a long term relationship, have “checking in” type conversations every now and then about stuff within your relationship, not just when something is wrong. That way, issues don’t simmer and people don’t get resentful or feel like an issue is a sudden attack. Communication is key, y’all.”


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“Be honest with yourself so you can be honest with your partner. A lot of strain in relationships is caused by mixed feelings and the resentment that builds from not meeting each other’s needs. Being honest about what you want and need from a partner and in a relationship will take you a long way.”


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“Learn how to communicate with your partner. Love them the way they receive love, and don’t get comfortable in the relationship. Always show each other patience, respect, and kindness.”


“”grass is greener where you water it”. Too often I’ve seen couples long for everything other than what’s in front of them. Every relationship is effort. The moment you stop trying its done. So continue to “date” and romance. if you fight, give each other your all to push through.”


“trust, friendship and talking, talking a lot about feelings and everything. Don’t keep it inside until you explode and fight”


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“We overlook the simple answer to being in a relationship… L❤VE!!!!… Simple and pure… You must be IN love.. Be IN love with… When you’re in love it’s just natural, it’s effortless, it’s breathtaking, it’s forgiving, it’s always IN the moment… Being IN love makes memories.. Simply being IN love…”


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“I know Brené Brown is super trendy but I also think she’s right: be vulnerable! (Be open, honest, and willing to be uncomfortable.) That said… It’s easier said than done.”

Just loving this amazing advice from the people who know lesbian relationships the best. Have anything to add? Mention your lesbian relationship advice in the comments below!

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