Technically, it’s 9 lesbian travel destinations I want to visit and 1 that you all absolutely should!

2015 is about to be over. I’m already getting excited about all the places I want to explore in the New Year.

Lesbian travel destinations are popping up all over the world and I’m here to tell you that I want to see them all. The list you are about to read is a little personal because these are gay gal friendly places that have friendly faces for me – and they can be for you too! Just follow these lovely ladies on Instagram to make a new gal pal.

Here’s my list of top lesbian travel destinations I want to visit in the coming year. 


lesbian travel destinations Arguably one of the most gay friendly places in the world, Spain has always been on the top of my must-see places. Why should you go if you’re a lesbian? There are TONS of gay girl festivals taking place in Spain every year. I particularly am interested in the ELLA International Lesbian Festival taking place in Mallorca, Spain. Babes, beach and island vibing? Sign me up.  Need more motivation? Go follow these major cuties who live in Madrid:


lesbian travel destinations I’m absolutely obsessed with Iceland. Not only do they have amazing natural landscapes – they’re also trying to become a premiere lesbian travel destination. Pink Iceland is Iceland’s “first and foremost gay owned and operated travel expert.” And it’s lesbian owned, y’all. Not to mention that the party scene is happening in Reykjavik. Follow local cutie and DJ legend Fride Moksnes:

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capitol-720677_1280 DC is the gayest place in America. Seriously… just google “Washington, DC number of gays.” Here’s what I got: “Has Highest Percentage of LGBT Population, According to Nationwide Count. It isn’t even close. Ten percent of adult residents in Washington,D.C. identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, according to a groundbreaking new Gallup study that for the first time has estimated LGBT population by state.” Oh, and it’s gaining a new citizen soon… babe blogger and my partner in crime, Meg Ten Eyck of Dopes on the Road.



Do I really need an explanation for this destination? If I could move anywhere in the US (and be able to afford it) it would probably be SF. Oakland is just a hop, skip and jump across the bridge and I’ve heard whispers of gay girls galore. It will also be nice to visit these two adorable ladies who have been friends of mine on Instagram from the very beginning:

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Not only is Seattle home to one of my favorite movies (Fear, with a young Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon – no judging), it also  has its own lesbian newspaper: The Seattle Lesbian. This gives me hope, along with an all girl’s tackle football team, that the gay girls run as freely here as the rains fall down Mt. Rainier.  No? Okay well how about I just want to visit these two wonderful human beings – the ladies from We Are Waterproof.



I am so, so stoked because I was invited to the infamous Dinah Shore in Palm Springs. If you haven’t already seen it immortalized in the Real L Word – it’s an epic girl party where the booze is flowing. I’m scared and excited. Also, a perfect place to be single? We shall see. I also cannot wait to be reunited with my buddy, Bly from the Button and Bly Travel Show.  She’s so dreamy!

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Though the LGBT community continues to face challenges in South Africa, gay marriage has been legal since 2006. Next April, I’m hoping to attend the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association’s Convention in Cape Town next year. Be sure to follow their Instagram because they frequently post LGBT friendly travel agencies for your next adventure!

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These two neighboring counties have totally different reputations in the LGBT tourism world. Costa Rica, which has been a traveler’s gem for much longer than Nicaragua, has solid gay destinations. Nicaragua does not. No public hand holding, no gay marriage – but the local’s opinions of gay people are rapidly changing – and that’s in part due to tourism. I’d love to explore this up and coming tourism locale and I’ve got a buddy in the Peace Corps who has already invited me! Char Stoever blogs for Wanderful Travel Network and has her own blog over at The Vulnerable Traveler.



Philly has a long history of gay nightlight and culture – and the city itself has been marketing to the gay community for over 10 years! Autostraddle has even created a City Girl Guide to help you and your queerpatriots get around the city. I am also excited to go because my lovely sister, Rebecca, will be attending UPENN for a master’s program! Woo! She’s also a babe:

Finding a wife tonight! #PinkysUp #Gayz4Dayz #Loveislove #NYC

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10. (You should come to) AUSTIN, TX


When I talk to people about coming to visit me in Austin they all say, “Yeah, but it’s in Texas.” Austin is Texan but it’s not like the rest of Texas. We have a uniquely open and accepting culture. You can find your pockets of cowboys and even engage with them. It’s fun! I like to go dancing at the Broken Spoke and then head to Violet Crown for a drink and some lesbo people watching. Also, please come visit me! I live here!

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Where are you hoping to travel in 2016? Who are you excited to visit? Tell me in the comments below!

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