Welcome to the Local Nomad Project.

At LEZ BACKPACK we believe that our wanderlustin’ curiosity is not dependent on our location. We aim to explore our local communities the same way we would a foreign one.

We’ve enlisted the help of fellow travel bloggers to encourage you to explore your surroundings with tales of their own nomadic experiences at home. 

LOCAL NOMAD: Deafinitely WanderlustMeet: Deafinitely Wanderlust, deaf travel bloggers from Los Angeles.

Their Instagram: @deafinitelywanderlust

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Their Blog: Deafinitely Wanderlust

Their Twitter: @deafwanderlust

What’s your definition of a local nomad?

Our definition of a local nomad is someone who is always on the go but doesn’t necessarily always have to go to other countries to explore. A local nomad will make the best of their adventures within their own city. However, even those who do visit outside of their country can still be local nomads because they are always exploring, learning about different cultures and getting to know the area.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you a local?

We are Lilo and Stacey and we are both Deaf female adventurers. We’ve met in middle school and have been good friends ever since. We were born and raised in Los Angeles. We do fit the profile of local nomads because we are constantly exploring our own city, searching for hidden gems and participating in many events and festivals. We always find new adventures to take even if it means taking the local bus to Los Angeles rather than driving our own cars. We always try our best to find something new to do. We love to share our own adventures to people who don’t even know about Los Angeles. Currently we are in Los Angeles, California, but we will go back out on the road in Southeast Asia soon this summer.

What’s a popular place for locals to…

…kick back and have a few drinks?

Far Bar in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. It’s a great place to chill and drink, plus there is a lot of good food nearby!

…have the best food from apps to desserts?

-As for the appetizers, we haven’t had anything good that comes to mind but we heard that Library Bar has great appetizers so we are looking forward to checking that place out.

-For the main courses, check out Road to Seoul for all you can eat Korean BBQ

-The best dessert to get is from a place called MILK for the best macaroon ice cream sandwiches
LOCAL NOMAD: Deafinitely WanderlustLOCAL NOMAD: Deafinitely Wanderlust

…have a wild night?

Abbey’s in West Hollywood! It is a great place to go dancing, socialize with friends, people watch and get drinks at the bar.

…visit a nature detox spot?

Malibu Creek State Park! You can hike, swim, cliff jump and camp there.

…any think else you can think of?

Check out Runyon canyon where you can hike and catch the stunning skyline view of Los Angeles. There are different trails. Also, you might catch celebrities hiking here. It is also pet friendly!

What are some events that take place in your community that only locals know about? 

There are many different events here in Los Angeles. LA Art Walk occurs monthly, every second Thursday of the month, in downtown LA. There is also a free archery class every Saturday morning in Pasadena – not a lot of people seem to know about that.

LOCAL NOMAD: Deafinitely WanderlustIs there a place you’re surprised more people don’t know about? A hidden gem? Or a place you’d like to explore?

If you would like to catch a great view of Los Angeles, there is a great hidden gem that not even a lot of locals know about called Vista Hermosa Natural Park. It can be a little hard to find but that’s the fun part! Also if you are a Harry Potter fan, you should check out Whimsical Alley in downtown Los Angeles.

What’s the queer culture like?

There is a lot of support for queer culture in Los Angeles. There are many organizations and communities that advocate for queer culture. The most well-known place where everyone can be who they are without having to worry about being judged by others is West Hollywood. There are several nightclubs and bars where you can hop around and meet many other people.

What’s the best part of being a local in your community?

There are so many things to do in Los Angeles that you can never get bored. The best thing about LA is the diversity of activities, from beaches to museums. Not many people realized that there are so many hidden gems in Los Angeles that we can discover other than visiting the main attractions – such as Disneyland.

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