Did you know mainland Korea is home of the largest penis park in the world? It’s true. It’s called Haesindang Park and we found it, we conquered it, and we. took. pictures.


This is the entrance and they’ve already started their penis game strong.

Legend has it, a fisherman left his girlfriend on a rock off the shore while he worked. Then a terrible storm came and when he went to retrieve her, she was gone. OH NO. She died a virgin! This really upset her, her spirit anyway. She told the fish, “Don’t dare get caught by any of the fisherman along that shoreline!” The fisherman could not catch a single fish. Some time later, a fisherman pulled down his pants and urinated into the sea. His exposed genitalia pleased her so much, she allowed the fish to come back and thus revived the small village and all was good. The other fisherman took note and soon they were all pulling down their pants in order to give pleasure to the spirit.


“Here’s mine! Everyone, take out your penis and start giving the sea pleasure. Bring your dogs!” 

The fisherman had done it! They broke the spell. SUCCESS. But there had to be a better way… a bigger way of showing their gratitude to the sea virgin? Hmmm…


 I’m just in the picture for scale.


“Perhaps the one large penis isn’t enough for you. Here! Have 20 more.”


If you get tired, please take a seat on your preferred scrotum. 


Giant Black… Cannon.

Now for an assortment of penises we saw at the park. Enjoy!



She literally has the head of a penis on her head.  



I like to call this one, “Dicks on Dicks.”


The Seven Dwarves of Penises. Pictured here, Doc, Grumpy, and Dopey.


So that you never feel like you’re sitting alone.


I don’t know what it is supposed to mean. Yes, she is caged up and chained to a giant wiener. This can’t be good.


Melissa was born in the Year of the Ox Penis.

Don’t get me wrong. This park is very beautiful despite (or because of) all the ding dongs. 





I leave you with this. 


What do you guys think?

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