5 Fitness Travel Mistakes People Make When Abroad

When you’re abroad, you tend to be away from your normal routine – including regular exercise. It’s easy to make fitness travel mistakes and fall behind in terms of progress. Travel is supposed to be about finding yourself and relaxing! But it can be hard to not...

Local Nomad: Natash

Welcome to the Local Nomad Project. At LEZ BACKPACK we believe that our wanderlustin' curiosity is not dependent on our location. We aim to explore our local communities the same way we would a foreign one. We've enlisted the help of fellow travel bloggers to...

Ace Hotel New York

For Brooklyn Pride, Meg Ten Eyck from Dopes on the Road travel blog, invited me out for a night on the town and an overall gay ol' time. We had the amazing opportunity to stay at the hip Ace Hotel in Manhattan, which is one of seven Ace...

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